Trainingsübersicht: In diesem Training erlernen Sie das Erzeugen von Flächen KEs, das Stechen und Editieren von Flächen und das Umwandeln dieser in Verbundvolumen. Außerdem erlernen Sie das Analysieren von Flächen-KEs.

Trainingsdauer: 2 Tage

Trainingsort: NET Trainingscenter, inhouse oder virtuell

Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch

Zielgruppe: Produktentwickler und Konstruktionsingenieure

Tag 1

Creating Surface Features 1

In this course you will learn about surface features using PTC Creo Parametric. You will learn how to create, manipulate, and analyze complex shaped surfaces.

  • Review the Modeling Framework
  • Discuss the surface modeling overview
  • Review surface selection methods
  • Curve creation including: point array, equation, composite, intersections, and trimming
  • Create extrude, revolve, and fill surfaces
  • Create sweeps and helical sweeps

Creating Surface Features 2

In this course you will learn about additional surface features using PTC Creo Parametric. You will learn how to create and manipulate additional complex shaped surfaces using blends and variable section sweeps.

  • Review the Surface Modeling Framework
  • Create blend surfaces
  • Create rotational blend surfaces
  • Create boundary blend surfaces
  • Create swept blend surfaces
  • Create variable section sweep surfaces
Tag 2

Stitching, Editing, and Solidifying Surfaces

Surfaces are primarily used to define complex shapes that are difficult to define using solid modeling tools. When working with surfaces, it is often useful to manipulate quilts to achieve your design intent quickly. Once the surfaces are created and manipulated, however, the creation of a solid model is typically the goal. In this course you will learn how to use a variety of tools to manipulate surfaces as well as tools to create a solid model.

  • Copy and paste surfaces
  • Trim surfaces
  • Merge surfaces
  • Extend and offset surfaces
  • Intersect and project surfaces
  • Thicken surfaces to create solid geometry
  • Solidify a closed surface to create solid geometry

Analyzing Surface Features

In this course you will learn how to analyze the curvature of surfaces and determine whether the surface has curvature fit for manufacturing using PTC Creo Parametric.

  • Review the Surface Analysis Framework
  • Define curvature and curvature continuity
  • Create a surface mesh
  • Perform a curvature analysis
  • Perform a shaded curvature analysis
  • Analyze the curvature of surfaces using:
    – Radius
    – Deviation
    – Shadow
    – Reflection
    – Knots
    – Slope
    – Connection
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